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RISK ransomware recovery is part of the Dharma ransomware family and works by appending infected files with a .RISK extension that also includes an email address and a unique ID. Like other malware, RISK ransomware infects computer systems through spam emails and untrustworthy web pages that offer fake software updates.

Email attachments infected with RISK ransomware can appear as normal executable (.exe) files, MS Office documents, or even PDF and RAR files. Users are tricked into thinking the email campaign is legitimate and will waste no time in downloading and executing the infected files in their computers. The good news is that you can protect your system from a RISK ransomware infection by practicing good computer habits. This involves regularly backing up your data in unplugged storage devices or in remote servers. At Ransomware Expert, we provide relevant advice and tools to help protect your system from RISK and other types of malware.

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Our success rate so far in ransomware data recovery from Cryptolocker, Java, Arrow, DMA, XTBL, Kyra, Locky, Thor, CrytpoMIX, Microsoft Crypto, Aleta, Arena, Nuclear, NM4, Gryphon, BTC, and Zepto (to mention few!) is 100%.

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Ransomware FAQ's

Ransomware is classified as a type of malware that interferes with a computer system by limiting or completely cutting off a user’s access to their files until a ransom is paid.

Crypto-ransomware, for instance, takes control of a system by encrypting certain file types and only revealing the decryption key to the user after they electronically pay the ransom.

In 2017 alone, the number of cases involving ransomware attacks went up 600 percent. The majority of these attacks come from Remote Desktop Services (RDP) and misleading emails that have the potential to turn entire companies into victims.

At Ransomware Expert, we serve the needs of both individuals and businesses who wish to have their data recovered after a ransomware attack. We are equipped with the neccesary tools and expertise required to perform complete ransomware data recovery. Within the same package, we also provide ransomware removal services and set up ransomware prevention measures to protect you from future attacks.

At Ransomware Expert, we are experts at all types of ransomware recovery. Examples ; Arrow, Gryphon, Lukitus, JAVA, BTC, Ceber,  Cryptowall, Cryptolocker, Locky,Arena, Aleta,Cesar,Nemesis, BIP, NM4…, Paradise

You are likely to experience at least one of the following if your system is infected with malware:

  1. A pop-up message on your screen informing you that your system is encrypted to you need to pay a ransom to get your data back.
  2. Your system is locked down or is running very slowly.
  3. You cannot open your files or run applications in the system
  4. All your files have been renamed and saved under a new extension.
  5. Your antivirus has been disabled.


First, there is a great chance that you will lose your money. Second, making the payment is illegal under the ‘Proceed of Crime Act.’ Lastly, making the payment means supporting the criminals behind the attack and indirectly contributing to more attacks.

Once you realize your system has been infected by crypto malware, perform a complete shutdown as you would typically do. Do not press the power button as this may lead to further corruption of your data. Do not make any attempts to remove the ransomware yourself by running an antivirus program as this may also cause further damage to your files.

At this point, you should call in our Ransomware expert to access the situation and provide you with the best way forward.

Here are a few points to consider in order to protect your system from a ransomware attack:

  • Always secure your computer with a trusted antivirus that offers full protection.
  • Always keep an updated and reliable back up of your data.
  • Learn how to practice good computing habits to enhance your online security.

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