XTBL ransomware

06Sep, 2018

New Ransomware variants-XTBL ransomware

XTBL ransomware is designed to infiltrate a computer system and encrypt its data files. XTBL ransomware demands for a ransom from the victim for them to send him/her a decryption key so as to access the encrypted data. The ransomware adds a (.xtbl) file extension to the encrypted data files.

XTBL Ransomware is propagated mostly through spam mails which contain file attachments. The attackers use social engineering tricks that make the user to click on the attachment. Once the user clicks on the attachment, the ransomware will start its installation after which it will begin to encrypt the data files in the computer drives.

Exploits can also be used by cyber criminals to distribute XTBL ransomware programs. For example, when a user opens a website that is full of pop-ups, they may be exposed to the  ransomware distribution network. By clicking a random pop-up it could initiate the ransomware installation because that pop-up could be embedded with a malicious link. As a result, the user’s computer would be infected with ransomware.

After encryption of the data files, all of them will be renamed and given a unique id and the ransomware will add (.XTBL) file extension after the unique id. The id are different in each machine and also the decryption key is different and unique for each infected machine. The ransomware also leaves a ransom note with the email of the attacker. This is used for communication between the victim and the attacker.

Unfortunately, paying the ransom demanded by this Ransomware may not resolve all issues. Because XTBL Ransomware is a scam used by unlawful hackers, the money paid could easily be taken without giving back a proper decryption method or code. Instead of taking such a risk, it is best to eliminate this Ransomware using an anti-spyware program and then seek a system backup copy to restore all files that were encrypted.

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